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M S L.V. Heat Exchangers Pvt. Limited

G Type Finned Tubes

G Type Finned Tubes ensure maximum heat transfer at high temperature and they are used in air-cooled exchangers and condensers. The company has come up as a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of G Type Finned Tubes, which are known for their long life. A machine groove contains a tension-wound strip, with its position being over the base tube material of the G Type Finned Tubes.


Specifications :

  • Maximum Operating Temperature : 450oC

  • Fin Material : Aluminum / Carbon Steel

  • Fin Height : 1/2’’ to 5/8’’ (12.7 mm to 15.87 mm)

  • Fin Pitch : 8 fins/inch to 11 fins/ inch (316 fins/meter to 433 fins/meter)

  • Base Tube Diameter : 3/4’’ to 2” (19.05 mm to 50.8 mm)

  • Tube Material : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel